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    BANSHEE PRIME V3 to all mountain w wydaniu Banshee.

    Rama jest sprzedawana wraz ze sterami i damperem FOX DPX2 Performance Elite   

    Do wyboru dwie opcje dropoutów: (compact 29x2.6", 27x2.8" oraz long 29x2.8").


     Lista tłoków, które nie pasują do tej ramy: Push 11-6, DVO Jade X / Topaz 2 and FAST Fenix


    Intended Use: Trail / All mountain

    Rear Travel: 135mm

    Fork Travel range: 140-160mm

    Wheel size: 29x2.6”, 27.5x2.8” (compact dropouts) or 29x2.8” (long dropouts). (Based on Maxxis sizing)

    Sizes: M, L, XL

    Frame material: 7005 T6

    Weight: 3.7KG (8.2 lbs) Medium black ano frame including Fox DPX2 shock, dropouts w/axle, and seat post clamp.

    (Frameset includes, pre-installed headset and choice of dropouts)

    Shock Incompatibility: Push 11-6, DVO Jade X / Topaz 2 and FAST Fenix are not compatible with this frame model.

    Banshee Prime V3 - The evolution of the all mountain dominator.

    The Prime V3 is the epitome of an ‘all mountain’ bike. From long days in the saddle hunting miles and summits, to hitting steep techy rowdy trails; the prime handles it all in a composed and balanced manner.

    Finding the perfect balance between playful nature, and the ability to plow through the roughest sections of trail due to the progressive linkage, the Prime V3 enables you to ride faster and more fluid. Combined with optimized weight distribution and ergonomic geometry the prime cannot fail to put a smile on your face.

    Moving the Prime to the KS2 linkage platform which has been optimized for All Mountain adventures; the Prime V3 begs to descend even more than its predecessor. While showcasing improved climbing efficiency, and lively, sporty character.

    The All Mountain dominator is even better than ever, and ready for your next adventure!